3 tips on how to go from being busy, to being productive

At the end of a long day at the office, you leave, you get in your car and you start on the drive home. While making your way home, you think to yourself; I was busy all day today but what did I actually achieve? This question has many employees pondering exactly what they were able to accomplish in the span of eight hours.


The first step in shifting from being busy, to actually being productive is setting goals. Having a goal or multiple goals keeps you headed in the right direction. There is nothing better than the feeling of checking off something from your to do list. Determining what you should be focused on at that exact moment will allow you to tackle your goals in an efficient and timely matter.


The second step in being productive is getting rid of all, and I mean ALL distractions. So yes that means your smartphone, your IPad, or whatever else has you distracted during the work day. These distractions don’t just take the form of personal things. They could be anything from unfinished work, a pile of papers that is crowding your desk, or that coworker who likes to stop by your desk and chat.  All of these little distractions when added together are a big distraction. And these types of distractions are taking you away from being productive.


The third and final step in going from busy to productive is called “Should-ing”. We all have things that we “Should” be doing or “Should” have gotten done. But taking should out of your vocabulary will help you to decide between what needs to get done ASAP, and things that can wait a day or two.


With these tips you can easily go from being simply busy at work, to actually being productive everyday you’re in the office. Don’t let little things bring you down, keep your head up and remember that being busy and being productive are two very different things. Go forth today knowing that you have the capability and capacity to achieve great things. Even if those great things are as small as getting your to do list done, or as big as getting that new promotion.


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