7 things that can hurt your brand

Today there are a lot of things that could hinder your brand. But here are some of the bigger issues that could really hurt you and your business.


  1. Having A Bad Social Reputation

Have a good social reputation is key. People will favor a brand that has a good level of interaction between its audiences. Communication through social media creates a feeling of trust and if your brand has a nasty social reputation your audience is more likely to not trust your message and might even start to not trust your company. This can cause them to complain or even stop following you and your brand altogether.


  1. Not Listening To Your Audience

The best brands do one thing really well, they listen. By understanding the wants and needs of customers they are able to update and change their direction in real time. Not listening to the audience leaves companies missing opportunities to reinforce their reputation. By not responding to a customer’s question, you’re basically saying that you are too busy for them and couldn’t be bothered to get back to them in a timely manner. This can hinder your brand image and could ultimately lead to losing customers.


  1. Having A Poor Website Design

Having a good website design is essential to the success of a company. You want a website that is easy to maneuver in and easy to understand. You don’t want your website to be confusing or have customers confused or irritated because they can’t find what they are looking for.


  1. Having An Inconsistent Brand Image

Your brand is who you are, it is the face of the company, and is most likely the first thing that potential customers will see. So you have to make sure that the image that you are putting out to the public is cohesive. You don’t want potential clients to be confused, because a confused client is a client that will more than likely not come back. Unpredictable branding can harm a client’s confidence in your company.


  1. Developing Low Quality Content

Developing low quality content can really hurt your business. You want to showcase your abilities, and having low quality content will hinder this. Potential clients will judge you on your content, and they will associate you with the content that you are putting out.


  1. Lack of Planning

This is a big problem that many businesses find themselves in. A lack of planning can leave your clients with a bad taste in their mouths when thinking and talking about your brand.  If planning posts or other concepts in advance, make sure that they will still be relevant come the time that they are to be posted.


  1. Crossing the line between different and offensive

It’s always a great thing to be a little different. Everyone is doing it. No one wants to be the same as anyone else. We all strive to be unique. But there is a fine line between being different and being offensive. Be mindful when thinking about and releasing content. You don’t want to offend others, especially your clients. You should aim to keep everything that you release out into the public, professional. After all this is how you will be seen and heard. You don’t want to come across as the company that doesn’t care who they offend or what they say, in the quest of being distinctive.

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