Common mistakes you might be making on Social Media

Social media is full of rules and tips and tricks. It is constantly changing and molding itself to new technology. Social media is different each day, so its ability to stay relevant is incredible. But social media also takes a lot of work and plenty of patience for it to work, and work well. Like anything you do, you will make mistakes and that’s okay, you’re human after all. This is all part of the learning process, and today we will take a closer look at some common mistake businesses make with social media.


  1. Spreading yourself to thin

Don’t feel the need to be part of every single social media site. If you can’t see the benefit of a certain platform then don’t use it. You will only be wasting your time on a platform that is irrelevant to your business, brand and audience.


  1. Not being consistent across your platforms

This is crucial, your audience needs to know where to find you and they need to make sure that it is in fact you that they are interacting with. Having consistency throughout your platforms will not only make them easier to find, but it will benefit the way your audience sees your brand. You will be able to build trust with your audience by proving to them that you can be consistent.


  1. Not engaging

You need to engage. If you do nothing else at least engage. If your audience is interacting with your brand, engage them, and don’t stop. There is nothing worse than a brand that doesn’t interact with their brand and their audience.


  1. Not having a social media strategy

Make sure to have a plan in place, this is especially vital. You need to make goals and be able to measure them. Having a strategy will also help you in ensuring you are using your platforms effectively. It will allow you to add more of what works and take out the rest that doesn’t.


  1. Not measuring your efforts

So if you have a strategy, this means that you have to measure your efforts. Please make sure to do this, this will show you what works and what doesn’t work for you and your brand. If you can’t understand what works and what doesn’t you are wasting your time and missing out on opportunities.


  1. Focusing on quantity rather than quality

Always remember that quality will constantly outweigh quantity. You can throw out post after post after post. But these types of posts will probably get over looked. Remember that the content is what’s important. So focus on getting out good quality posts rather than shooting out posts that will get lost.


Remember that social media is all about creating connections and working on those connections. Save yourself the time and energy by not making these common mistakes. But always remember that if you do, it’s alright. Mistakes happen, but it’s what you do with these mistakes that matters. Acknowledge these slip-ups and learn from them. Use them to build a sturdy foundation on social media.

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