Humanizing your brand

Humanizing your brand is absolutely necessary, it’s not an option you want to opt out of. If you want your business to strive and thrive you need to come off as human. Your audience wants to see you, hear you and connect with you. They need to see and understand that the company has a face. So make sure your face is ready to be seen. Come down to earth and connect with your audience. Here are some tips that you can use in order to humanize your business.

First of all, think like a human and start building relationships like one. This means, talk to your audience like you would a regular person. Imagine them right in front of you. Picture them in your mind and treat them like any other person you would come into contact with.

Secondly, have personality. Knowing your brand will bring its personality to life. Who are you? What are you? Make sure this personality in fluid over each platform you use. If you come off as bubbly or peppy online, make sure that this personality stays true to every outlet you use. From your online presence to the person who answers your phone. Everything should be cohesive.

Thirdly, be available. This is a major key to humanizing your brand. So show up with the goal to inspire. Make sure that you are available on more than one platform as well. If your audience can’t get a hold of you on one, they will try another. So make sure that you are easily accessible and easily available.

Fourthly, speak your customer’s language. There is nothing more confusing to your customer’s then jargon that they don’t understand. Remember to stay on their level and use the same language that they are using.

And lastly, strike an emotional cord. Do something that makes them think differently and want to be different. Stir up those emotions that make you stand out in people’s minds. Use this tool in order to get your audience to not only remember you, but to remember how you made them feel. This is an underestimated ability that you have in your arsenal. Use it.

Being down to earth, acting like the human that you are, having a winning personality, being available, speaking the same language, and hitting that emotional cord will have your clients and customers seeing the face and personality behind the company. You will no longer just be a corporation or business, but a friend, a confidant. You become a face that they can recognize and welcome with a smile. So get out there and humanize your brand so that your audience can start to get to know the real you.

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