Slow and steady wins the race


There is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to social media.

We are a generation built on instant gratification, we expect things now. We have created this world where everything is instantaneous and it all comes so fast. But we are forgetting ourselves, because not everything can work this way. For example: Social Media. If you are impatient or if you expect instant results then Social Media is probably the wrong network for you. Like anything that lasts, it must be structured well, it must withstand a lot. Things that are created well and things that last, take time to be created. Social media expectations are high, the expectation of return on investment is even higher. But social media isn’t built on ROI, it’s built on relationships. Social media creates relationships and relational investments can’t be tallied the way numbers can. The types of benefits that you will receive from social media are qualitative, because they measure connections that have been created, and not values.


Many people think about social media marketing like advertising, but they couldn’t be more different. Comparing the two is problematic because the mechanisms and benefits are not the same. Social media has many benefits like market research and awareness, but it is primarily a tool to build relationships that can lead to sales. Social media opens the doors, but it takes time to turn those relationships and connections into leads. Try not to think of social media marketing as advertising, but more like a networking event or a friendship or even a marriage. These relationships take time to be created, they need to be nurtured and they need to be built on a strong foundation. We forget that quality will always outweigh quantity. There is an incredible importance to creating interactions with your audience with great qualitative content, and this is how you will form an emotional attachment with your brand or company.


The one and only thing that social media marketing can do for your brand quickly is create awareness. Which is a great thing because awareness leads to engagement and over time the engagement can result in trust. Only when the trust is built will you start to see sales that are directly from your social media marketing efforts.  It can take weeks or months to start to see your return on investment. But with the shift in technology, your brand should be online. You should be dedicating time to social media. It is a large factor in your brand being recognized and creating awareness around your brand. Remember that good things take time and that if you want something to last well into the future then you have to create a threshold where your brand can be seen and where you can start to build relationships and start forging trust with your audience.

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