The future looks like a smartphone

Mobile is the future, it isn’t going anywhere. If anything it will only get bigger and more advanced. So having a website that is compatible and usable with mobile devices is incredibly important. Why? Well the newest data shows that Mobile digital media time is now considerably higher at 51% in comparison to desktop which stands at 42%, and over 80% of people are using their smartphones. Your audience will use their phones to find you, your website and your number. It’s easy and effortless, it takes no time and it’s fast.


So having a website that looks good and works well for mobile is prevalent. The numbers speak for themselves. Many people will become discouraged if they get to your website and it doesn’t support mobile devices or isn’t created for mobile. They might move over to a desktop, but that is very unlikely. If you are not able to reach your target audience with mobile you are not providing the experience that they need and you will miss out on opportunities compared to your competitions who are mobile compatible.


We have started to see this huge shift into mobile, and each day it grows larger and becomes the most efficient way to entice and keep your customers and clients happy. Your website will more than likely be the first thing potential customers will see and interact with. If your website is flawed, or hard to maneuver then most people will leave and find a site that is compatible and easy to use. That is ultimately what people want, they want it to be easy and effortless. They want to be able to connect with you and your business as soon as humanly possible, and mobile compatibility does this. So make it painless for them and get your website up to date and mobile compatible. It will save you from potentially losing clients and it will keep you relevant and show potential and current customers that you are capable of and embrace changes.


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