Trust Issues

Trust; it’s hard to cultivate and hard to come by. But if you can create trust between your audience and your brand you are on your way to a beautiful relationship. Because after all a stable relationship is built on trust. So you might be wondering how you can create trust between your brand and the audience you want? Well like so many things that are connected to social media, it’s going to take some time. But remember, all good things do. Here are five ways to overcome trust issues.


Show your face

Often time’s business or corporations are faceless, and we all know how much everyone likes to interact with a faceless group, they don’t. No one likes a faceless business, people like people and corporate brands aren’t people. Audiences like to see real people working for your business. So if you are a corporation, or a larger business make an effort to highlight your physical team. Show the faces of the people that work for you. Show off their personalities, make it fun. Everyone loves a good story, so create stories about your best assets, your people.


Give them an experience

People are averse to advertising. They see it for what it is; a scheming tool to get them to buy products. There is a large distrust when it comes to advertising because it’s everywhere, in everything, they are bombarded with it constantly. So instead of putting a large focus on advertising, try cutting down a bit. Try working on attracting buyers through positive experiences and showing them the value of your product(s).


Give it to them straight

Your audience knows that a business is about making profits. They already understand this, and quite frankly, they are tired of it. The best way to earn more trust with your audience is to be upfront about your intentions. In every aspect of what you put out to your audience, give it to them straight. Tell them what your selling and how it can benefit them. Don’t beat around the bush, they can see right through that.


Give them validation

People will trust your brand more if they personally know someone who has used the product. Give them that validation. Include customer reviews and allow your customers to leave comments and create a dialogue with them. Show pictures of people using the product, include a video if you can. This will put a lot of minds at ease when it comes to trusting your brand.


They work hard for the money

People are going to be skeptical, mostly because there is money on the line, hard earned money. So you need to work extra hard in order to prove to them that buying your product is worthwhile. Prove to them that what you are selling is worth the price they are paying.


You can foster trust by using some of these ideas, be open to proving yourself to your audience. Be flexible and remind your customers why your product is worth it. Take every opportunity to prove to them that you are worthy of their trust. By doing this you will not only start to create trust with your audience, but also build a good foundation for other potential customers to trust you too.

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