Your insider guide to social media: 6 tips you should use

Social Media is a mine field. It is a great tool, if used well. And it can be a disaster, if used incorrectly. The world of social media is constantly changing, so stay up to date on it. Don’t let this amazing tool pass you by. You can follow these six tips to better understand how to use social media to your advantage.

  1. Analyze your past content to improve future content
  • This is a great way to start to understand what is working for your brand, and what isn’t working. By going through old content you can start to build better content for the future. Start to understand what is working, who is posting, and when they are posting. By tracking old content you can better understand what your audience is looking for and what they are connecting with.


  1. Use links
  • Links are a great way to get clients from one page to another. It also allows for more engagement, and it makes information sharing even faster. Using good links that actually have relevance to you brand is even better. Make sure that your readers know where the information came from and understand its relevance to your business.


  1. Use images
  • Images are a great way to break up a text heavy page. They are also a great thing to have because they give your readers something to look at, and they can make your piece stand out in their minds when they are recalling what they read. Images are great in the sense that they can convey a message on their own. If used correctly, images can elevate the information you are sending out.


  1. Deliver Content Regularly
  • Being regular is just as important as the content that you are sending out. Your readers will come to rely on your content being consistent. So make sure that you are posting regularly and on multiple platforms. Remember that your content will come to be expected and that your readers will be waiting.


  1. Use Hashtags Purposefully
  • Hashtags are starting to pop up more and more every day, and they aren’t just on Instagram anymore. But don’t fall into the habit of over using them. Remember that hashtags are a way of connecting content and is not a competition on how many hashtags you can use on a single post. Make sure that each hashtag you are using serves a purpose.


  1. Manage Time Efficiently
  • This is probably the biggest tip on this list. Social media doesn’t work if you are not managing your time efficiently. Time management is a big part of any job, social media included. Use your time correctly and make sure that the time that you do put into social media is being used in a relevant way.


With these tips, you will be better equipped to tackle the beast that is social media. Do not underestimate the capabilities and appeal that social media has. It isn’t just a way to have fun or stay connected. Social media, when used correctly can and does show real results. Remember these tips when using social media. If you enjoyed this blog or other blogs from Snagged, give us a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay updated on future posts. We post new blogs every week.

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