If your Instagram feed is anything like mine then it’s filled with sports news, pranks, satire, fails, vacation photos, wedding photos, pictures of dogs, dank memes, and other nonsensical subjects that are probably best not mentioned. But one thing that my Instagram feed has been taken over by that makes a lot of sense is the role of Instagram influencers. This blog is going to take a look into what exactly an Instagram influencer is, the ways in which they’ve become so prominent and the effects that they have on the psychology and behaviour of their social media following. Oh, and we’ll take a look at the insane amounts of money that they can make.


So, what exactly is an Instagram influencer?

I’d define one to be someone who has established themselves with credibility and likeability in a specific industry. Someone who has a following of people who enjoy their content and who will be not only entertained with what they are doing but also inspired by them and motivated to behave in similar ways. An Instagram influencer’s following will want what they have and they’ll want to do what they’re doing in order to achieve similar levels of perceived success and happiness. A successful influencer will be authentic, genuine and relatable.


But why are influencers so prominent on Instagram?

Because marketing agencies know that it’s all about engagement! And Instagram is built for engagement: it’s easy-to-use on the go (it’s basically mobile-exclusive), it’s visual in nature (humans prefer photos and video over text) and its simplicity has attracted a massive user base of young audiences (people under 30, the most sought-after demographic in digital marketing). It also functions with a more creative approach towards content than that of its counterparts Facebook, Twitter and the rest. This nature of Instagram has bred the world’s top influencers because it allows them to be authentic, genuine and relatable.


Instagram influencing has become a billion-dollar industry and influencers are cashing in!

Due to the fact that influencers do their own market research, build their own followings and basically create their own branding, influencers eliminate the major costs that it would take for big companies to do so with their team. Influencers sell their following and their brand to companies and work with them to create influencer campaigns. Influencer campaigns are often successful because they are authentic, genuine and relatable.


Influencer campaigns are done at practically all levels of marketing with costs ranging from a hundred bucks or so up through to the millions; there really isn’t a ceiling on how far an influencer marketing campaign can go. Small mom and pop restaurants can work with a local influencer who has a solid following to share their menus, or a massive skincare company can hire Kylie Jenner to endorse their product – the influencer effect is wide open for any business with a marketing budget to take advantage of!


Any business can do it!

Whether you own a small pizza shop in town or the biggest fitness company in the world, you should be exploring all of the exciting opportunities that an influencer campaign can bring to your company! If you want to learn more about Instagram influencers and how they can help you reach your target audience and drive sales, give us a call or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to see if it’s right for your business.